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Looking in the transparent jar of two black butterflies with speckled spots of blue and green…I thought about letting them go… but then I didn’t… instead I just stared at them for about 2 days sitting in my kitchen by the window staring at them…they were so pretty.

Melissa told me that everything would be ok, so I let them go… watching them I saw the black wings with greens and blues and the occasional yellow pass by me a few times before flying off into the sun…it was morbid with the black but beautiful with all the colors….de colores…so I let them go..

This kid named Houston started talking to me…asked me if I knew a girl named “Whitney”…ironic… I recorded a song with Whitney Houston…then a guy named Houston (hehe I call him Texas) asked me if I knew a Whitney.. I think he is just messing with me… he’s a nice kid though…he’s in love with this ‘Whitney’ chick.. they are 16…it’s so cute. I think I’ll give them backstage passes and all that jazz when I have my next tour so they can both come see me and meet me so I know he is for real…

Well I think I’m gonna go… I’ve said enough.


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