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Clay cracks me up...

EntertainerClay: Welcome back.
Xtina4201: manager said that I had to go in like 10 minutes
EntertainerClay: Aww.
Xtina4201: good to be back
Xtina4201: for a while
EntertainerClay: Yeah.
EntertainerClay: Ten minutes... have we got enough time to plot your manager's demise in ten minutes?
Xtina4201: yes
Xtina4201: !
Xtina4201: ready go...-thinks-
EntertainerClay: Alright! I need a jar of Vick's VapoRub, some tar, a plastic bag FILLED with popsicle sticks, and the phone number to a good lighting technician.
Xtina4201: wow... I don't want to kill him
Xtina4201: with popsicle sticks...
EntertainerClay: Nah, I was gonna try and make him into a really pretty pinata.
Xtina4201: that's great
Xtina4201: we can't fill him with candy though
EntertainerClay: That's what the tar was for...?
Xtina4201: ewww... I'm not busting him open
EntertainerClay: -cackles-
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